Through my publications I seek to recover some of the specific ways that writers of the past have thought about perennial themes, such as the tricky nature of memory and how we respond to the certain knowledge of our mortality. I am espcially drawn to the philosophy of symbolic forms, intellectual history, and philological inquiry in my close readings of a wide range of literary works.

Chiastic Designs in English
Literature  from Sidney to

  (Ashgate, 2009; Routledge, 2016)

The Memory Arts in Renaissance England
The Memory Arts in Renaissance
England : A Critical Anthology

(Cambridge Univ Press, 2016)

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Death & Drama in
Shades of Memory

(Oxford Univ Press, 2002; rpt. 2005)

Early Modern Poetics 
in Melville and Poe

(Ashgate, 2012; Routledge, 2016)

Mapping Mortality: The
Persistence of Memory and
Melancholy in Early
Modern England

(Univ of Mass Press, 1995)

 Education & Anarchy
(Univ Press of America, 2001)
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